Welcome to our new online shop!

Hey GRL! 

Welcome to our brand spanking new online shop. We wanted to build a home for all of the badass brands we have been sourcing for our fellow Ryot GRLs, whilst staying true to our 'zine over on www.ryotgrl.com. That's why we have created a dedicated shop site, so you can read and learn and bond without being interrupted by product recommends. On the other hand, if ya just wanna shop here it is all laid out perfect for you. But enough about the why, lets talk about the what. 

What can I buy in the Ryot GRL Shop? 

The Ryot GRL  Shop is dedicated to bringing you a collection of independent brands with heart and soul. As always, we have focussed on ethical, vegan and cruelty free beauty products, but we couldn't find it in our hearts to turn away some of the other rad businesses we came across. From inspirational wonder women who prospered in the face of adversity, to companies tackling period stigma and sexual health around the world, the Ryot GRL shop is a boutique curation of ethical consumerism. Jump on the bandwagon, we're heading to the future. 

Do you have your own products? 

You betcha! We have our own range of vegan, all-natural bath bombs, biodegradable glitter and eye pigments, body shimmer oil, highlighter, brow pomade and concealer - and we aint stopping there! Stay tunes to see what we come up with next. Always cruelty-free, guaranteed. 

Do you want to stock my products? 

We sure do, but we hope you appreciate our standards and ethics when it comes to retailing. We only want to stock products from businesses run with integrity, but if you have an ethical product you wanna shout about please give us a holler : hello@ryotgrl.com

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